Yanna baby is the exclusive baby-care brand founded by Korea Infant International Group Co., Ltd. and joined China Shenzhen Kaidi Industrial Development Co., Ltd. to enter the market in 2009. After years of steady development, Yanna baby has become a well-known brand of infants and children in China, and even become the fashion vane of the Chinese infant wear industry, enjoying a high reputation in the industry. Facing the good situation of China's infant industry, the brand of Yinner baby has been accelerated in an all-round way. With the help of Datang International (Shanghai) Brand Consulting Group, a well-known brand strategy research organization in China, the brand has been injected with new vigor. As a "specialist in quality education", the brand concept has been transmitted in a fast fashion way and combined with innovative business model 7.0. Over the past six months, more than 200 image monopoly outlets have been established throughout the country, making every effort to build the first professional baby care brand in Asia.