Guangdong Kaidi Garment Co., Ltd. is a large-scale garment enterprise integrating , design, manufacturing and sales which is established in 2001. After years of operation and accumulation, we have advanced industrial park bases integrating production, supply and marketing. We not only have world-renowned advanced production lines and production technologies, but also have strong elite and excellent team, international advanced design concepts and capabilities, and perfect after-sales service system. We have created a new era successively. Family, Paibannu, Flower Cluster Raider, Family Relations, Infant Neil, Super Baby, Secret of Love and other well-known brands, categories include: home clothes, home pajamas, diapers, baby clothing, etc., product sales cover all parts of the country and have been recognized and followed by consumers, loyal customers more than 1 million +.

In the spring of 2015, in order to implement the second fifteen-year development strategy, the company's senior management formulated the resolution of "New Future Strategic Planning". The company will combine the accumulation of basic industry for many years, extend the resources of industrial chain, improve the original business system, and integrate the production of the original basic industry with innovative business model and subversive thinking. The system, business system, customer system, supplier system and supplier resource system are integrated into a whole. Through opening up the upstream and downstream and all its extended resources, we can build a brand-new ecosphere supply chain. By using the mode of B2B2C2O [Internet + Industry], we can realize the integration of online and offline, so as to build a new business system for customers and consumers. The simple relationship between buying and selling is restored. After two years of construction, a wholly-owned subsidiary company, Guangdong Kaidi Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., was established in November 2016. At the same time, the Internet platform of the supply chain was launched, and the strategic positioning of the ecosphere supply chain platform as the core development in the future was determined.

With the mission of sharing the value of entrepreneurs, businessmen and consumers in the supply chain of ecosphere, with the vision of becoming a platform enterprise of real product and real price, with the core values of gratitude, respect, honesty, innovation and sharing, with the core concept of love, joy and supply of ecosphere. Should Chain Platform) as the main strategy, Kaidi people will move towards a unique way of enterprise brand, become an innovative enterprise leading the industry.